Product Description

V-CUBE™ 2 is the smallest version of the V-CUBE™ family and is available in two variations; the classical flat shape and the new, essential pillow-shaped version, derived from the original V-CUBE™ 7! Both of them have the same revolutionary V-CUBE™ mechanism and internal pieces!

V-CUBE™ 2 is a multicored, two-layered cube with exceptional quality and incredibly smooth rotation. The player is required to discover a strategy to achieve uniform colored sides on her/his V-CUBE™ 2.

V-CUBE™ 2 has almost 3.7 million possible permutations and weighs only 74g! It consists of 26 smaller pieces, 8 of them are the visible corners; and a solid cross that supports them, enabling them to rotate independently on based axes.

4.32*1019 possible permutations