V-CUBE™ products are a uniquely designed and constructed series of skill games. They are 3D mechanical cubic puzzles that rotate smoothly on the 3 based axes of the coordinate system.

V-CUBE™ products are manufactured under V-CUBE™ technology, invented and patented worldwide by the Greek Engineer Panagiotis VERDES. V-CUBE™ technology made possible the construction of a cube with an unlimited number of layers, providing safe and smooth rotation!

The V-CUBE™ revolutionary approach led to an innovative construction within the specific game family and permitted the production beyond five-layered cubes something that was believed to be unattainable for over 20 years!

At the same time, V-CUBE™ technology has resulted in the design, construction & industrial production of much more durable and user-friendly cubes of existing sizes. Furthermore, existing knowhow & patent ownership allows the construction of more complex designs, such as the V-CUBE™9 and the V-CUBE™11.

V-CUBE™ product palette currently contains the V-CUBE™ 2, V-CUBE™ 3, V-CUBE™ 4, V-CUBE™ 5, V-CUBE™ 6, V-CUBE™ 7, V-CUBE™ 8 in the classic http://nygoodhealth.com 6-colored range.

V-CUBE™ products are addressed to hobbyists and fans of mind games. Their unique features allow literally everyone to enjoy them, regardless the player’s level of experience in such games. Each cube gives you an impetus to exercise and become more mentally fit and sharp!! Each game gives the player an instant impulse to solve the V-CUBE™ enigma, offering vision & joy, sharpness & entertainment,  challenge & constant amusement!

V-CUBE™ products are MADE IN GREECE and are manufactured under all of the necessary safety and international high production standards. Furthermore their construction is of high quality plastic, colorful stickers and vivid UV colors.

In the near future, various new V-CUBE™ products with unique concepts and sizes will be launched!

For new release updates please visit the V-CUBE™ official website www.v-cubes.com regularly.